Crossroads 2012 Winter Write-Ups

Discussion in 'Asheville: OOG' started by Morganne, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. Morganne

    Morganne Fighter

    Hello Crossroads and other folks reading the forums!

    I am excited to share with you the shenanigans your friendly plot team has been cooking up the past while, in the form of a MASS WINTER WRITE-UP. What does this mean, you ask? Well, shucks, let me tell ya all about it. Basically it's this idea we stole... ahem, I mean, borrowed... from Deadlands, cuz they've got some pretty good ideas up north.

    If you've been paying any attention to the IG forums or our Facebook page, you've likely noticed a little bit of activity. The stage is being set here for a MONUMENTOUS EVENT OF INSANELY LARGE PROPORTIONS, or possibly just for a fun write-up, you'll have to tell us which it ends up being.

    How it will all work:
    1. You will know when it's time to send in a write-up. You will know this two ways: in-game via the boards, and because we'll post an OOG deadline in this thread. We like communication, it's fun!
    2. All interested players may participate, including those above our level cap. An active Crossroads membership is not necessary, although it wouldn't hurt our feelings.
    3. Include information about your character including general looks, gender, race, interests, level and basic character card info in a neat sort of bullet point format. Please don't assume our plot team knows this. Keep in mind that we don't need every detail of your very interesting and well-thought-through history, or to know that you've now got four slays - just enough to have a good sense of what your character has in their arsenal in a given situation, and a bit about them to determine how they might react.
    4. Beyond your character's dating profile above, please also tell us what they'd like to do, and who they'd like to do it with and/or to. Small details like that we DO want.
    6. Send all of these items by the deadline (remember, we're going to post it later!) to And voila! You've now entered yourself to win a role in the 2012 Crossroads Winter Write-Up.

    Feel free to post questions here - and on behalf of the Crossroads Plot Team, we hope you enjoy!

    Christina, Tim, Tab, Kate, Dan, Ziggy, and Meghan

    PS: If you are into individual write-ups, the team has conferred and each player may submit one character action prior to the group write-up, and one character action after, given that our first event is now later in the year.
  2. RuneBrighteyes

    RuneBrighteyes Artisan

    I am so excited about this.

    Where are the different options that Tim talked about?

    I feel like I am missing something obvious because I am having trouble understanding this, but then again I am getting older.

    Ray Nagle
  3. Golgoth

    Golgoth Newbie

    @ Ray

    You're only 9.
  4. Morganne

    Morganne Fighter

    Good question Ray! Your buffet of options can be found below, and we encourage you to ask any IG questions that come to mind:

    Option #1:

    Option #2:

    Option #3:

    Option #4: Any such thing as you might dream up in your own head, and wish to pursue.

    Please note: those who submitted the first round of winter write-ups will have them returned next week, in order to take those responses into consideration when deciding how to participate in the group story. We encourage you to wait to submit your chosen actions until this has occurred.
  5. Morganne

    Morganne Fighter

    All information is out there in the world, in one form or another, and here is your official notice as promised: the final submission deadline to participate in this write-up is 12:01am on Monday, April 2nd.

    Please send all submissions to, and feel free to post any questions here!
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